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Residential & COmmercial Demolition

The task of tearing down your old home or any structure for that matter may seem a bit intimidating, and rightfully so. There are many many things to consider before attempting to undertake this task alone. From special permits and crew to handling asbestos products, to ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you, demolition is NOT a job that should be taken lightly. It's a very dangerous business where things can literally go from good to bad in a split second!


Whether you're looking to tear down an old home to build a new home on a piece of land you just acquired, or get rid of that old barn in the back, SML Demolition & Deconstruction, LLC has a solution for you. Because we specialize in both demolition and deconstruction, we can demolish everything by hand or by machine!


If you've got a project that you need to get out of your way, give us a call for a free quote, or if you'd like to send us an invitation to bid!

Residential/COMMERCIAL Deconstruction

Sometimes it's not always about completely demolishing a structure. This is where the process of "deconstruction" comes in. When a building is deconstructed, a more careful approach is taken. Pieces of the building which can be reused and or recycled are carefully dismantled. Once these pieces have been removed from the structure, they're sent to the appropriate locations where they'll either be stored for reuse or recycled.


SML Demolition and Deconstruction offers you affordable solutions for your project needs. A deconstruction project typically is more time consuming and therefore a little more expensive than a normal demolition, however, the ability to reuse materials salvaged from the deconstruction can save thousands down the road.


Call us for a free quote or send us an invitation to bid!

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