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Who Are we


SML Demolition & Deconstruction, LLC founded by Marcais Lawson and based in Greenville, TX, is a company built on a foundation of over 20 years of residential demolition experience. As a custom home designer and builder and owner of SML Custom Homes, LLC, Marcais has more than 20 years worth of residential design and construction experience. Knowing how a home is put together is equally as important as knowing how to take it down.

The idea for the business was actually held off simply because, as a subsidiary of SML Custom Homes, our goal was to "build" homes and not to demolish them. Finally, the realization that sometimes in order to build something great, something have to get rid of the old.

SML Demolition & Deconstruction, LLC takes pride in the fact that we can have two companies to assist our clients on both ends of the spectrum,...both in demolition and in new construction. We are a family based business here to serve the needs of our clients.

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